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(Note: written confirmation of following testimonials available)

My name is Robyn, I'm 78 years old. I have had 2 knee replacements, within the last 18 months. My bone structure throughout my body has deteriorated so badly, it is inoperable causing constant back pain. I have lost 4 inches (100mm) in height. The pain has become so intense, I really didn't want to live anymore, I had given up wanting to live, and then I met David and decided to have his treatment. With only one treatment, all the pain I was experiencing, disappeared, and hasn't come back. I have given up my walker, and I can honestly feel my body healing. I would like to go back to riding horses, and, according to David , that is very possible given time.



I was diagnosed with an aggressive prostrate cancer in Dec 2012, I underwent treatment from Auckland Hospital which finished in mid Sept. I was continuously tired, no energy-lethargic, really bad headaches and visiting the toilet up to 35 times plus per day, this was interrupting my sleep big time.

After just 4 visits to David I felt like I'd got my "Life" back, tiredness gone, toilet visits drastically reduced, Headaches gone, energy back, sleeping well.

My overall body feeling of wellness-feeling good had returned.

I was asked by the cancer doctor to do some follow up tests in March 13. which I did , they called me back for the results, they said I was all clear of any cancer. This I already knew !

I continued to see David once or twice a month. I am am eternally grateful to David and definitely recommend his Therapy / Healing to any person.

Your Truly

John Ross 17 / 7 / 13

Note from David: John visited me today ( 9/ 02/ 16 ) and still cancer free....

In April 2012 something happened to me and I lost the ability to move the right side of my body. I was very shaky, trembling right hand, arm jolting from the shoulder, trembling right hand. Could not put index finger to nose or out to front. Finger would shake and therefore finger would go either side of my nose when trying to touch it. Also putting one finger at a time to meet with thumb. Fingers were shaking too much for them to meet.

I was unable to open and shut hand because of pain. Could not clasp. No strength. Could not use hand.

My speech was shaky and broken and was having trouble getting words out. I could not have a conversation. My cheek was twitching uncontrollably.

After 4 months the doctors came to the conclusion I was suffering from Rassmaston syndrome and I would be suffering with this problem for the rest of my life. My Mum had been to David 23 years previous because she had asthma, which David healed. Thank God she managed to track him down and he was still doing his healing.

On the first treatment with David my movement on my right side improved out of sight. Also my speech improved and has done so with each treatment I have had.

I can now lead a normal life.


(note from David ...Jennifer s improvements can be seen on you-tube)

(Google harmonictreatments jennifer )

Hi my name is Neal....

When I came to Dave I had been diagnosed with clinical depression. Dave was a customer of the company I worked for and we had talked about his healing abilities in the past when he knew about previous physical injuries of mine, but I did not believe he could have a machine ("Rosemary") that could fix these so did not partake in his claims of healing.

When he came into work one day I told him I had just been prescribed some anti-depressants and was on about day 3 of taking these, my boss had to be informed of this as the side effects would affect how I was at work and I was concerned for my job in the future.

I eventually caved in and visited Dave's treatment room. I simply could not believe how different I felt after that visit and for the first time in 3 months I.felt like socialising again and felt like a brand new person.

I threw away the anti-depression pills and in fact have not taken any prescription drugs, ie. antibiotics, since. Dave literally changed and probably saved my life.

This sounds dramatical, but if you have ever suffered from genuine depression you will know that suicide is a real possibility.

Thanks Dave you saved my life..


My name is Suzi, I came from Fiji to live in NZ, 25 years ago. I'm a Fiji Indian female. I heard of Dave from one of my friends who said he was doing amazing things.My main problems were :-....

Insomnia------ couldn't sleep,

Sore joints,

Back problem,

Body was very sore all the time,

Forgetfulness---- Trouble remembering,

Woman problem --- Down below,

Pain at side of head, felt like something sitting on the side of my head,

After 4 treatments all problems have disappeared except still slight pain at side of head, which is reducing all the time.

I'm very pleased to have meet David and now my boyfriend is also having treatment. He also shown amazing improvements.

Yours Truly



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